Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Doji San Release info

I'm proud to present MVH's first resin figure, Doji San !

These first official releases are both on milky white resin and are offered in 2 different versions !!

Version 1 ( Demon mask version) = Painted in clear and metallic greens along with silver and black sprays. The demon mask will be painted to match and will have purple doll eyes inserted. The Doji head for this version is also painted in greens with black and red eyes with gold details.

Please take a look :

Version 2 ( Cyclops mask version )= Painted in clear and metallic purples along with black and silver sprays. The cyclops mask for this release will come with a green eye. The Doji head for this version is also painted in purples with black and red eyes with gold details.

Please take a look :

Each Doji San stands at 4.25 inches tall by 3 inches wide, your standard fight size figure. Each figure is coated in a heavy gloss coating of Monster Kolor. I really feel this coating gives the appearance that is closest to vinyl. As well this coating is very strong and adds a great protective layer. I'm very happy with the outcome and believe you will as well !

I also wanted to mention that each mask is held on by black hemp cord. I think this cord really adds a unique element to this figure. I really love the way the hemp contrasts against the resin. It also allows you to untie and retie the mask as needed without the worry of ever breaking the cord.

These will be a lottery entry ONLY.

How to score and pricing :

The price per figure for this release will be $70.00 plus shipping. I will also combine sets for a price of $130.00 plus shipping.

Please only submit your entry to : mvh.Dojisan@gmail.com

Please include :


Again, please specify in your email which version your after or if you would prefer a set. Asking for a set does not give you better odds. I have set limits on both versions and sets which will allow all equal availability.

Lottery entry opens on Thursday 7/15/10 @ 12:00 AM EASTERN US time and ends sharp on Thursday @ 7/15/10 @ 11:59 PM EASTERN US time. Basically there is a 24 hour window to send in your request.

Once the deadline is up I will be contacting the winning bidders within 24 hours , if you do not receive an email that sadly means you did not win.

There is a lot of work that goes into these resin figures and 100% believe that once you get one in hand you will understand and feel that this price point is well worth it.

If you win I will provide you will all the details needed to purchase.

Good luck to all !


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