Monday, July 5, 2010

Its gonna be a wild summer !

Things have been fucking busy here at MVH so I just wanted to post a recap and heads up on whats coming in the next few months. I wont be going into details in this update, so need need to worry ... well just yet. I just wanted to bring MVH back to speed and to get you all ready for whats coming very VERY soon.

Here we go ....

The Recap

- VELOCITRON and BLObPUS collaboration releases - I'm happy to say that both releases sold out in both the US and Japan !!

Both of these colabs where painted just beautifully, I couldn't have asked for more. I really hope to do more with both of these artist in the future. I'm so stoked to say I was lucky enough to have had both paint my toy. Thank you to both artist and to all who purchased, I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

- Grinning Death @ Super7 Florida - This was my first visit to St. Pete and I'm already planning a trip back !

Thank you to all who took the time out to make it on over for the event that night. It was a pleasure hanging out and just talking toys. Like many who collect its not everyday that we can geek out and talk about toys.

The show was a great success and as of right now there are only 2 pieces left from the show. Here is a link in case you just wanted to take a look or didn't know there where still there :

While your there take the chance to also see what else Scott has for sale, you just never know what you may find !

The Future

Here is a quick break down of what is coming in the following months

- The first release of the Doji San resin figure !
- A three way colab between MVH - LuluBell Toys and >>>> Yamazakura !
- Mandarake Japan vs. Sludge Demon !
- Ollie the Cyclops Monster finally comes to life in vinyl form !
- Early sculpted images of MVHs third vinyl toy !
- NYCC !!!!

And even more that I cant even mention just yet ^_-

Again I do apologize for the lag in updates. I plan on keeping MVH up to date as I have finally caught back up with everything .

In the next few days I will post details for the Doji Sans first release . This guy came out great and I cant wait to finally be able to share them with you !!

So stay tuned and keep watch , this Summer and Fall are gonna be full of awesome surprises and releases.


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