Tuesday, August 24, 2010

August Update

Hey all !!

Its been awhile since I last updated, and most likely from here on out it will be a monthly update due to so so much going on. I guess this is what you call a good problem :)

So lets get to it shale we ..

Recently I finished up my collaboration with Lulubell toys and Yamazakura. I'm so stoked that Yamazakura allowed me to paint his toys.I have been a huge fan of the toy sculpt since it was first introduced. The amount of detail and character that is in this toy is amazing. The way the body is split into two entirely different sculpts but blended so smoothly is so hard to pull off but this toy delivers.

I'm really happy with the way the set came out and if you have not seen them yet check out some images :

The guy is on glow in the dark vinyl !

This guy in citrus orange vinyl !

I also designed the header that was used for this release and Amy was cool enough to send me some images on them in the bags displayed in the shop. Check these out as well :)

Luckily incase you missed the drop this past Saturday there are still some for sale on lulubells site !!

Direct links :

Click >> HERE << to go to the Orochinoni page

Click >> HERE << class="blsp-spelling-error" id="SPELLING_ERROR_0">Niouhone page

NOW ......

In true MVH style I'm happy to say that along with this set I was allowed to create a nice 1 off set :)

Check them out !!

If you are interested in the 1 off set just drop me a line now at mutantvinylhardcore@gmail.com and in the header write Yama. I will do a lottery and announce a winner this weekend.

Hope you all enjoy them as much as I do !

Next .....

Last weekend was the Toxic Catalyst show that was held at Super7. I was able to get just 1 submission done for the show but I'm very happy with the little fella.

Check him out !

I'm not sure if he sold last weekend or not so if you interested please contact Super7 in San Francisco.

I love Doji so much and who knows maybe a vinyl version will be made ;)

Next up is the TAG show Red Carpet Kaiju on Sept. 4th

I decided to submit my one and only Ollie 1 off for the show !

I also submitted two 1 off Sludge Demons. The Sludge Demons will be a Surprise for the event so no images yet ;)

If you haven't seen the Ollie 1 off here ya go :

The Ollie 1 off will be $200.00 and and both Sludgies will be $100.00 each

Once the show hits I will post the Sludge Demon images so stay tuned.

And last but no least this weekend there will be a Japan only Sludge Demon release for Mandarake. I'm pretty sure these will be available online but to be honest I'm not really sure. I was asked by them to make these and that is about as much as I know lol.

So if you have a hook up in Japan and want one of these I suggest you call it in as I have none to sell this time.

Take a look see :)

Both are on glow in the dark vinyl ...

Regular Release based on Hedorah colors :

And the Secret release based on MVH colors :

I'm loving how these came out and you can never go wrong with glow vinyl huh :)

My next update will be about Ollie, the vinyl has be ordered and will be in hand soon. The first US release will be during NYCC but you may just be able to see a September release by VELOCITRON !!!!!

More to come

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