Monday, April 27, 2009

Update time !!!!!!

Hey all, fist I want to say sorry for all the delays in updates. Great things have tied me up something silly and I'm so sorry for the lack of new info. But this week it will all worth it I promise .... why do you ask .... read on !

There are a few new announcements I want to address :

1.) Rumble Monsters vs. MVH Bop dragon !

Yup I was lucky enough to score a sweet run of Rumble Montster Bop Dragons. This is my largest figure to date and I'm super super excited. I have them all in hand as I write this and I'm ready to start painting.

Here is the kicker !

I will be painting 2 different versions and I will allow you, the viewers, to decide which colorway you want me to choose to make the run.

By this weekend I will have two sample images up and start a poll. Once all is said and done I will get on these ASAP. Once I start I hope to have them all wrapped up in 2 weeks time, so get ready ;)

The run however will be pretty small. 11 will be for sale to the US with 3 going back to Japan and 1 going to me. Total run will be 15 figures. There will also be 4, 1 0ff customs to join these guys. This toy is just to cool not to throw a few into the mix.

NEXT !!!!

The Lucha bears 1 offs have begun and I will have a few for sale by the weeks end , I may even have a special announcement but we will see.

I'm super excited, the proto is in Kazu sans hands as we speak, we have discussed what needs to be changed to be factory acceptable and I'm VERY happy. These should be in the pipe line very
soon. The plan has changed and it will no longer be the green/ purple version. The production will be based on this custom with some minor changes :

These are the changes :

The eyes will be gold , with black pupils.
The crown will be a gold highlight, same goes for the laces on the boots.

Hope you guys like the change of plans. I'm very happy as this was a top runner for sure. If the factory does it like I have you will see for yourself why.

And finally ....

Clutter magazine will be interviewing me for their upcoming issue !!

Full article and I couldn't be happier, this is a dream come true ^_^

I was told the artist whom I will be featured with and I'm stoked to and you will be as well. Hopefully I can turn this into a little blog special for you readers with a few toys. We will see what I can come up with.

More to come but this post is getting way to longgggggggggggggggggggg

Check back soon :)

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