Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Update Pt II

Okay down to business !

First :

The Bop Dragon run prototypes are finished and I will start the poll tomorrow. I LOVE them booth and I will be hard pressed to make a choice. So glad its not in my hands ^_^

A tease maybe ??

Suspect A

Suspect B

Just hitting them with the final touches and the choice will be yours. So make sure you tune in tomorrow for the kick off !!!

Second .....

Some new details on the lucha bears. In talks with Kazu san we decided to for me to make a HP run of 10, and 10 1 offs.

I'm so excited about this. Its weird for me not to paint the run. So in talks I decided to kick in and add to his run.

I'm STOKED !!!

I'm already in the process of making the run and should have some images for you soon.

I will be selling them along with the 10 customs right here so no need to search elsewhere.

Third ......

I was just invited by Lev of Toy Tokyo to take part in the upcoming Disney Mindstyle Stitch show.

The show is another traveling show and will kick off in LA then San Diego and finishing back home in NY in August.

As of right now I have a GREAT idea for this guy. Totally a Japanese inspired design. If it all goes well you guys will be blown out the water !!!

That's it for today, make sure to check back tomorrow for the full body shots of the Bop Dragons, and hopefully a sneak at my HP run of Lucha Bears.

Peace !


LamourSupreme said...

Congrats Rich! Sounds like you're keeping busy as a bee. The Lucha Bear run sounds awesome. Keep me posted on that as well as the Disney show. Now you need to wear sunglasses indoors because of your bright future;)

LASH said...

Thanks Joel !

I'm just trying to keep up with you man ^_^.

Lets put the east coast on the kaiju map !