Tuesday, April 7, 2009

MVH Skate Deck

Recently I was introduced to Mr. Kurt Barbee of 5280 lasers. Check out his website >>HERE <<

Kurt is getting started in the engraving world and is doing all sorts of cool things with mediums ranging from wood to metal to acrylic. Awesome stuff and great guy to work with. I have some great future plans so stay tuned.

First off I want to show you the laser engraved deck he did for me. The deck is made of bamboo and has a nice texture to it. Looks like an old wooden floor !

Once I got the deck I distressed it and added my touch to it. I wanted it to look like and old sign that would have hung outside my work shop.

Check it out :

It came out great in my eyes ^_^

For sale right here !

$105.00 shipped in the USA

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