Tuesday, April 7, 2009

MVH figure update

My sculptor sent me some pics of an upper body today. The progress is coming along GREAT!

This figure is looking just as I had envisioned.

Check it out :

The little blue arrows where attached to notes that I sent to my sculptor, so pay no attention.

Also check out a height comparison next to a 2 headed BEMON :

The background is a 12" record, so do the math on the height of this guy.

Also note that the belly has been shaved down a smidge since this photo.

A LOT more to go an many changes will be made, but this is huge progress and I had to share.

This figure is going to be a MONSTER in all terms of the word. I'm shooting for it to be in vinyl form by summer.

I love how creepy it looks. The small legs over the massive upper body is reminiscent to the Rebel Ink figure.

Also here is a shot that inspired the figure and will give you a glimpse into what will come ^_ -


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