Tuesday, April 7, 2009

It came from skulllll braiiiinnnnnnnnn

I'm proud to say I'm back at Super 7 !

In 2 weeks Super 7 will be hosting another customs toy show. But this is shaping up to be the MOTHER of all custom toys show to date. With most of the figures coming from the skullbrain messgae boards this is gonna be a blast !

Its nice to be amost many great artist that I talk with daily. Sadly though I wont be able to make it. Hopefully sometime in the future I will be back ^_^


When >>>> April 18th (Sat) 2009. Art needs to be at the shop April 13th.
Where >>>> Shipping info: Super7 retail outlet 1628 Post Street, San Francisco, CA 94115

So what did I paint you ask ??

Check em out !

Gas Bawer by "LONG NECK " and Skull Zombie by "Super 7"

The Bawer will be $ 250.00
The Zombie will be $ 150.00

ALSO !!!

Ahhh hah, don't forget, that in the same evening there will also be the "Imagery of Japanese Toys" show also at Super 7.

This is my very first time showing off my photography. I'm very excited and nervous as I'm being shown amongst some of the best toy photographers I know.

As a refresh here are my entries :

Booth prints are 1 offs, 11 x 14 framed and ready to hang.

Each will be $100.00

If your in the area PLEASE go and check out the show, and if you can buy some wild art !

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