Saturday, March 21, 2009

Sculpt progress

My sculptor is really just an amazing person to work with. Not just a talented artist but a super hard worker. Along with his full time job he has time to work on this project almost daily, and still be patient with all my comments.

Here is the update on the lower half.

After some talks we decided to change the texture on the lower wrap from cloth, to just fur. I want some heavy texture in the lower half to grab paint in different angles, as well as to contrast with the smoother legs.

Check it out :

I really wanted it to look like he ripped the pelt off a wolf and just wrapped it around him. I think he hit the nail on the head.

Next we talked about adding a belt of some sort with a skull buckle. Take a look at some of the variations :

The first thing I want you to notice is the 2 small hanging pieces of fur in the front, The first sculpt I liked them but they looked a little off to me. So I asked to have one of them shorter, and the other more pointed, NOW its perfection to me.

The skull and belt, originally I wanted the pelt to be held up by a rope. Although this was a rough rope sculpt , I realized early that the rope in the long run will be a pain to paint, so we nixed the rope idea and decided to try a flat belt. Next the skull, I liked it but wanted it a bit more scary.

Take a look :

Soooo theses are the updated images from my comments.

Although the skull is a bit more scary it still wasn't what I really had in mind.

After some talks and thought, we are getting rid of the belt altogether. In the end I really like the fur and feel adding a belt wont really make it look any better. So what we are gonna do is this. Bulk up the top area where a belt would be with more fur to square off the top. No more belt. Back to the original top image.

For the skull, well I decided I would jump in and sculpt a skull to show him what I was after, as I have been wanting to get in there with clay and give sculpting a shot.

Here is what I came up with :

It still needs to be sanded, but you get the feel. Its actually a hair smaller then the skull in the front is now. It came out so well in fact that we may just use this altogether.

So we will attach this to the front and have fur layered over the top, sides and bottom. It will look like its poking out from underneath the fur.

I like this idea better. Belts and skull buckles have been done many times now. So just the skull and fur will do just fine and let your mind figure out whats holding it in place. I don't want the skulls to be overpowering, but just another little added texture.

And as for the side buckle. I think where just gonna add a simple loop. Not really sure yet, I may create another skull to match. I will work on it tonight and figure it out.

I really want to sculpt the heads myself. I want to have a hand in this. Not that I don't feel my sculptor cant do it, but I want to have as much hands on my toy as I can. And the heads are very personal designs to me. So who would be better at getting whats inside my out than me ^_^

This will be my first toy and I want to have as much hands on as possible. I want it to be crude and as much as me as possible. I really dont want this super polished figure. I LOVE rough sculpts and this should be just what I want.

So far so good ^_^

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