Saturday, March 21, 2009

BEMON batch

Finally finished the 4 of the 5 BEMONs I picked up. I LOVE to paint this toy. So many different textures and surface areas. It all looks random to the eye, but I highly doubt it now that I have painted them. The curves are all in the right places and you find this as you paint it. This toy has so much damn character its silly.

I'm totally kicking myself for not getting into the toy earlier. A classic and well worth all the so called "hype" it has gained over the years. Its not hype when its really worth all its praise.

Working with Honda San would be a dream collaboration, maybe some day I can hope.

Until then check out the few that I picked up aftermarket and painted for commissions :

You may see one more added to the lot in the next few weeks. I cant get enough of painting this guy and I'm said to say this is it. The size, the texture, the emotion on the face, I could paint this guy forever and never get board.

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