Monday, February 16, 2009

Me and kazu

Recently I have been in talks was Kazu from Itokin Park. I have always really liked his toys, always full of fun and painted to perfection.

So when I was able to talk to him I couldn't help but ask if we could work together. Luckily for me he was familiar with my paints and loved the idea of a colab AMAZING !

I was also stoked when he offered me a run of one his newest toys the "lucha bear"

Take a look :

Usually I'm always looking for some sort of mean looking toy to paint, but I'm super excited to work on this guy. Its a nice change of pace that I really looking forward to.

I really like the surface areas. very clean and easy to paint. You have no idea how nice that is.

For the project I wont be painting the entire run. I will be painting 1 figure for the factory to paint for the release. Its weird for me as I have never had a figure I paint go though another to be remade. Usually I do the entire run myself. I will however do my best to keep them on their toes with a nice wild metallic paint app. As well I will do 1 half of the header and this will be labeled as the LASH version.

BUT here is the real kicker !

Kazu has blessed me with 20 figures to paint as 1 offs to sell !!!!

O man so many ideas come to mind, expect to see some homages and some wild bloody customs. These bears my be cute but don't sleep on them, they will be getting the MVH treatment ;)

Expect to see some images in March as the Luchca's are still in the process of being made.

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