Wednesday, February 18, 2009

A year in the making

Its been awhile since I have done a RxH custom, well with the customs embargo and all its been tough :)

I have been planning a custom set for a fan in Japan for well over a year now. But every time we get started we booth have some ideas that get thrown in and plans start all over again.

Originally we decided to do a entire homage set, but in black and white. After trying to execute with my style , well it didn't come out so well. After we hit the drawing board again we decided to do the set in original colors not homage related.

Here was the test figure I did to show him, the chaos.

He really loved it, but after some talk a homage was what we really wanted to do. So this chaos became a nice stand alone custom.

what we decided on doing homage wise was this, and I'm VERY excited ...

Street Fighter II !

A Mutant Head Ryu :)

And and Evil ken !

I think the Mutant Evil with blond hair is going to interesting !

As well a definite is a Darth Vader Gatchigon !

Fun times ahead !

If you ever think I took long on your custom, just remember it could have been over a year ! :)

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