Monday, February 16, 2009

Imagery of Japanese toys

Just finished up my 2 submissions for the " Imagery of Japanese toys " show that will be held at Super7 in April.

This is my first time ever being in a photo show and I'm pretty excited. For subject matter I decided to take one of my customs for one subject and for the other an actual untouched production toy. I have really been getting into photography of toys. For me I like to add in backgrounds for the figure to bring it to life. I want to try and show you what I see when I look at the figure.

Ever since I saw the 2 headed Bemon figure I had this vision. So with this show I decided to make it come to reality. I wanted the 2 headed giant look like he is in hell surrounded by flames.

Take a look :

I think it came out great. It was a challenge getting the composition just right though.

The next was one of my favorite customs I have done to date. " Rebel of the rising sun " When I made this I had the Japanese flag in mind so this was a no brainer

Take a look :

If you take a close look you will notice I re shot the custom. After looking at the original I wasn't happy with the focus. Its a pretty close match but with better lighting.

If you interested, booth will be for sale at Super7 April 14th. Booth will be matted, framed and ready to hang. Booth will be selling for 150.00. As well booth are 1/1 prints never to be made again.

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krakit said...

Great work on the photos!