Thursday, December 4, 2008

Upcoming releases !

Hey all,great news !!!!

First, I just got the remanding stock of LASH T-shirts from the Super7 "Sprayed, Splattered Brushed, Rubbed and Ruined" back. So if your interested just email me, if you don't know my email there is a link on the right side of the page. The price will be 15.00 plus shipping.

If you don't know what they look like, here ya go :

Second, My release of Killer J Smoking star figures will be in the works soon !!!!

I'm hoping to have them in hand by the months end and finished by the end of January. Like most of my releases it will be a small run. I plan on doing a super short run of 10 sets consisting of 2 figures. I will tell you the base vinyl will be clear purple, but I'm keeping the details of the paint secret for now ^_^

If anyone knows me they know my LOVE for unpainted proto figures so in tradition it will be part of the set, one painted and one unpainted. Also did I mention they will have flashing LED lights ??

I will give president to those who mention they found out through here first, and I will be taking pre-orders starting now. So if your interested please email me with the title "Killer J" and I will take your info.

And in addition to this I will be doing five one off smoking stars !!

How I will release these I have not figured out yet, but rest assured you will find out here ^_^

This will be my first release under the "Mutant Vinyl Hardcore" Moniker so I'm really excited.

And last but for sure not least I have struck a deal with SKIKARUNA !!!!

I will be doing a run of the Dorol figure for lulubell toys. Expect a release date for the first few months of the year. More details to come as they are worked out. I'm VERY excited about this release and have some big plans for this figure !!

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