Monday, December 8, 2008

Masssive Monster

Man, this year has seen some of the best new sculpts in years. Personally this new sculpt by Skikaruna called Dororu a.k.a Dorol a.k.a. Skull Monster is one of my personal favorites. So when I was blessed with the okay of doing a run of them I was stunned. In order to prepare how to paint one of these massive works of vinyl I painted my one and only.

The run will not look anything like this guy, it would be way to hard. BUT with what I planned I bet you will be very pleased.

So please take a look and enjoy this early proto paint.

If your interested this custom is for sale. I'm asking 235.00 shipped anywhere in the US. And I will also throw in a T-shit and some stickers ^_^

Literally, big things are coming !

Check it out :

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