Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Rebel of the rising sun

The Rebel Ink figure by Secret Base has been one of my favorite sculpts since its release. I love Usugrow and his unique art, its amazing what he can do with just black line work. Secret Base did a flawless job of translating his art into vinyl form. The only problem is that if you like wild colored toys that most Japanese companies make your kind of out of luck here. Seems that Usugrow doesn't plan on making any of his releases in color. Yes, I know the SDCC was clear blue, but blue is his favorite color and may be the only release you will see that's not some way related to only monotone colors.

When I was lucky enough to score the most recent release direct from Secret Base I decided to make the Rebel Ink that I wanted to see get made. This is for my personal collection and came out as I had always wanted.

Metallic red is nirvana and now that I learned how to make a good red I figured this was the perfect time.

Inspired by the Japanese flag , I announce "REBEL of the Rising Sun" !

When I painted this I wanted to make it look like a production release. I wanted it to fit in with my others so that no one would think this was a custom.

For me I have been learning that less is truly more.

Hope you enjoyed !

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redyoda said...

That is probably the BEST red I've ever seen on vinyl! I love the inspiration behind it.

oh, btw Rich, I just picked up a custom Shinto-san by you...dude you should do this for a living!