Tuesday, December 16, 2008

MANY many many many MEY !

Recently I was asked by Mr. Don Kratzer a.k.a DataDub to partake in a show to celebrate Pop Sodas 6th anniversary . The show is to be all custom 1 offs of the titled character of Pop Sodas store mascot. I was super excited as I highly respect Pop Soda and and all the artist who are invited to be in the show. The show is being curated by data under the fig-lab moniker and is being held on January 11th during the upcoming Super Festival 48.

When I got the figure it was unpainted glow in the dark vinyl. Its nice for a change not having to strip paint off a figure, but sadly though I have found painting on GID is not really my thing. Its not that I cant, but I prefer to paint on black vinyl. So with that said I may be the only figure that has no glow in the dark parts.

The "Baron" figure (this is what I know him as) was a challenge to paint. It has a lot of cramped areas where masking without a hard molded mask is very hard. In the end though I actually fell in love withe the sculpt. Its very play full and has tons of personality.

So lets take a look !

Click on the flyer image to see a better shot of the names, AMAZING !!!

When I fist thought of what I wanted to paint I had this childlike feeling for him. Like I have seen him before. So I painted him like he was an existing character. At the time I still had no clue as to where I would place him for history. Once I was finished and was just sitting with him, my girlfriend and I both thought of Candyland for some odd reason. So I thought what if he was in candy land, but as a villain. What if he is the slum lord of Candyland !

So that became his name, The Slumlord of Candyland ^_^

Check it out :

Now, as mentioned the show kicks off in Japan, but the month after it moves to New York and other possible US destinations.

I believe most figures will be for sale, but for my custom will for sure be for sale. All figures will be sold though a form request, sadly though if more than 1 person requests it, it then goes to lottery and winner will be chosen that way.

Good luck, and when the show makes it state side I hope to see some of you in NY !

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gatchabert said...

someday, I'll be part of a show...