Sunday, December 21, 2008

Its getting close !

Recently I received my goodie box from Mr. Killer J filled with my chosen color smoking star, clear purple !!!

This is really the first time I have been able to hold the smoking star toy up close. The toy is awesome, its gonna be a please to paint. I'm filled with all sorts of good ideas so here is what I came up with.

First, the header ( remember to click on the image to enlarge) :

Back in late 99 early 2000 I got into the rave scene. Flyer's where pretty much how you found out about each party. They where always big and had huge bright images with all the flash. This had a huge impact on me, and as I learn more and more about creating images for headers, the more these images I have deep in my subconscious creep out into my work.

Back on topic ^_^

Killer J is awesome to work with as he gave me all the freedom I wanted. And with that, this is what I came up with :

> 10 sets of 2 fully painted smoking stars = $ 125.00 per set

* These all come with touch sensitive LED lights in them. 1 will have the LED in the head and the other in the belly.

>> 2 totally untouched and unpainted = $60.00 each

* These will come along with a special print which I will be illustrating.

>> 3 1 offs = 75.00 each

* These will also come with the same print that will come with the unpaints.

** The print run will only be limited to 5 and will be printed in a high quality water color paper.**

This release is all fully funded by me and is the first release by me as " Mutant Vinyl Hardcore". I'm super excited to be able to do this on my own and have all the freedom I have been wanting.

If you are interested please contact me ASAP with with you like, this will be the only place to score these !

Hopefully is this goes well we will see much more in the future !

More updates to come ^_^

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