Monday, November 17, 2008

My first solo show at Super7

Its been over a month since the show and I'm still in awe. I've been in a bunch of group shows all over but this was my fist solo show as an artist so I really wanted step up to the plate. Super7 has been a major influence since I first stepped foot into kaiju, and to be invited to have a solo show was a dream come true I know being that I had no prior experience and no recorded of shows the guys put their neck out on the line for me and for that I will always be in debt.
Knowing this I really wanted to take the opportunity to show a variety of items to show what I can do as a toy painter, illustrator and design skill. In the end I spent every living second I could preparing for the show and I believe this elevated me to what I thought I couldn't. I learned so many things about my self and what I could do that it set a new standard for me.

This is the first time that I have had a chance to clean up all the images of the customs in the show and I'm very proud to show you.

Without further adieu here we go !

Super7 brand figures :

Sadly when I went to look for a studio shot of this last squirm after gloss I realized I didn't have one, YIKES !!!

Lucky for me my girl snapped this nice shot during the show, whew

Its not studio but it shows off the gloss and colors perfectly.

The champ and custom I chose to go on the flyer's for the show. This mummy boy was one of the first figures I finished and set me in the mood and color palette I stayed with for the show.

Next up, Gargamel !

Gargamel is probably one of the best Japanese toy companies to date. They are truly a trendsetter and set benchmarks for all eastern toy companies. I fully respect them and painting these figures was refreshing.

This Gamepa was my favorite figure of the show. I hopped for it not to sell so i could get him back. I'm sure he went to a good home though, whom ever scored him just know you have my pic of the show in your hands !

The Gamepa and Bullmask are meant to be the fight promoters with the cumberlains as the fighters. Cumberslains are usually the promoter so its about time they stepped into the ring to get a taste of their own medicine !

Next up Secret Base

Obake was and probably one of my favorite SB figures. I only wish that that took advantage of all the space the figure provides.

For me though I couldn't pass up all the room to pant on.

Rumble monsters toys are always so chunky, for me its either a hit or miss when I paint them. Thankfully they came out great.

The first I painted was the damedron. I decided to reference myself with this one.

I titled him melting death 2008. Its a full circle as exactly 1 year ago I was in the first Super7 "Monster Mash" group show with a melting death obake.

Here is the obake from a year ago :

Now the Damedron to match :

Sunguts :

Cronic :

I wish I had more to paint, I LOVE cronic figures.

Now I also did a few RxH figures but they where not for sale. Mori has no problem with people painting he toys, just not selling them.

Not a problem Mori San !

I ended up working out some sweet trades for them though so all's well that ends well !

check em out :

This evil was one of my favorites and 1 of the 2 I kept for my personal collection.

Belly detail :

This head is simple as i planned on having Matt of Dead President Designs pin stripe him. And when I get a few extra bucks it will get done.

The others in show where the marvel homages and the shinto I did for Datadub. The shinto you will see soon.


The artwork I did I wanted to be simple. I love portrait style pictures and decided to go in that route.

Check em out :

Next up the T-Shirts. I always wanted to have my logo large on a T and took the opportunity to do so. And to commemorate the show I dated the back.

Check it :

And last but not least, an official run with Super 7 to seal the deal.

I wanted to do a small toy that anyone could afford. But I didn't want it to end there, I wanted to also include some sort of artwork.

I knew I wanted to do the blow fish but sat on the figure for months before it hit me. After some test colors I saw that when i added green it looked like slimer from "The Ghost busters".

So that was it, a slimer homage was born. And to seal the deal I came up with an illustartion design that fit with Josh Herbolsheimer's style. I wanted the store mascot which is the mummy boy to take the place of the ghost that is in the red circle slash. He agreed to do the artwork and all was good.

For $20.00 bucks you had a nice little package.

Take a look !

Smiler :

Here is a picture that I based him off of :

Now the artwork that I designed and Josh so beautifully painted. It came out better than I could have imagined. I own the original artwork and I'm stoked to not only have a Josh original but something that times in with my own world of art.

Check it out :


Now some random shots of the evening

I was surprised when skullbrain member REdYOdA showed up with this awesome shot I feel in love with. He is any awesome customizer in is own right and his photography is amazing !

I'm so stoked

Here we go !

I just want to give an extra special thanks to Joe, Kirk, and Bert for showing me the town and hanging out. It was like I was home and being that this was the first time we ever really hung out in person. It truley is amazing that we can form these bonds over the internet.

Thanks again to all my fans and to all of my supporters. This show hopefully is the begining to a bautiful toy story.

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