Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Real Head Star Fighters

A lot of my customs are based on this vision I have. It has no real color or shape just a feel. I don't know how to explain it, its like that look that so many 80's fantasy movies had. Everything had tons of lens flares and I think that stuck in the back of my head.

For this set I wanted to go full force with this sci fi 80's feel. The color scheme is influenced by a few movies and scenes.

The title and feel of this set had a lot to do with this image, hence the name of the set :

The colors , the wrapping around of light, the star burst, etc...

Not to mention the movie was awesome , if you haven't seen it and like geeky 80's sci fi check it out. I still remember seeing this in the movies ^_^

My cousin (god rest his soul) used to make me watch sci fi movies like this ( this wasn't a movie I know), and headbangers ball. I don't think it really made an impact until he died. Now a days so many of these cheesy movies and music have came back to help inspire me.

As well it goes without mention the Star Wars had a HUGE impact visually on me. The move, the toys, the toys packaging etc.. I could post pics but I would never get anything done ^_^

Now after the inspiration I wanted them original not homages. I wanted to make them feel like they where based off their own original movie.

This is what I came up with :

Tha colors came out wild !

I have a ryusie in the works in similar colors. I LOVE the birght orange and hope to make a few othes with this base color.

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redyoda said...

These are just too awesome for words!

You spoke of your late cousin who made you watch V and Headbanger's Ball...I would've wanted to hang with him big time!