Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Early March update

Lets do this !!

First, I just wanted to say that the black and orange pre orders are now all in and will 100% begin to ship next week !! This goes for both DX Sludge Demons and Doji Sans, YAY !!!

Second, InvisaOllies are rolling in and will also begin to ship by the end of the month, DOUBLE YAY !!

So I'm happy to finally say that these will all be sent out very soon.

Thank you all so much again for your patience. I'm hostage to the factory without much control so I really appreciate what you all have dealt with and thank you all again. It will be worth it, Im sure you will agree very soon.

Next up .....

The first Painted release of the DX Sludge Demons are still available over in the Medicom web store. This is the first time having items stuck in customs actually helped. Orders should have came to an end, but since they are still trapped the order form is still active. So you still have a few more days until its over. As for sales, they will most likely decide to go with a lottery sale so before they close the list please visit the site to enter.

Check it out :

Click the link below to head on over :

Just a heads up, the green is indeed the chase version. I don't think they list it as such, but it is and indeed much more limited.

I'm VERY happy with these guys and I think you will be as well !

Next up .....

Im VERY happy to say that MVH has teamed up with TAG of Los Angeles !

What does this mean ?? This means that MVH has an official retail outlet on the west coast now !

Coming soon you will be able to purchase all MVH releases at their store location at 7571 Melrose Ave. Los Angeles, CA, 90046. So if you live close by you can diddy on over and check all releases out in person.

In addition to all MVH releases TAG will also get store specific releases designed with color ways just for them. Yep, so now you have yet another site to bookmark, hahahah.

While I'm at it I would like to give a super long in advance heads up. Start getting ready as MVH and Skinner will be taking over your Halloween weekend in LA with a show on October 27th at the Melrose location.

Wait .... WHATTTTTTT !!!!!!!!!!!

!!! MVH x Skinner Halloween show !!!

Yup, your heard it correctly, MVH and Skinner will be hosting a Halloween themed show. So you just know what this means, its going to get a tad silly with the candy and terror and blood and guts and ALL that fun evil stuff that the kids are into.

So book your flights now and get your Halloween costume to the dry cleaners, this is going to be an event to end all events.

Their will be everything you could wish for, Original art, prints, toys, and so much more !

As if there could be anything more to talk about, well, yes, yes there is......

Although I know this quite well in advance and a lot to take in, MVH is also talking with TAG in producing a large close to life size fiber glass Ollie as well as a possible OG Sludge Demon. Size is still yet to be determined for both but we are looking into either a 3-4 foot Ollie and a 10-12 inch tall Sludge Demon. We are still in talks but I would like to hear from you all on my mailing list if you have any interest in such a creation. I would love to hear your thoughts and if this is something you guys would love to have in your collections. We are also talking about a possible pre order package. Again this is still in the discussion stages so please, no worries and no promises.

If this is something you would be interested in I would love to hear it. Just reply to this email and I will forward you info on the project and create a special email list just for this project.

More to come though folks. Like usual there is some projects and releases in the works which will be announced before the end of the month. Im POSITIVE you guys will loose your minds over the next few releases and what the rest of this year holds !!

Keep watch !


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