Sunday, February 5, 2012

MVH February Update

Lets just get this party started shall we !

I'm happy to say ALL the MVH pre-ordered vinyl is starting to come in. Packaging starts this week and all orange and black vinyl pre orders will begin to ship ASAP. I would just like to go over each figure and make sure all the joints are correct and to reheat and set any body parts that may have distorted during shipping. Im also waiting on the Doji San figures to arrive which should also be this week.

Now, the good news and the bad news.

Lets just get that out of the way. There was a mishap and the factory forgot to add the pearl. I know, I was pretty upset.

The good news, the orange vinyl that I chose turned out to be much more vibrant that I had expected. So much so that I think the pearl would have looked out of place. In hand the orange is almost dayglow. I'm super happy and I think all of you who ordered will be VERY happy. Again Im sorry for the lack of pearl and I hope you understand. If you do have an issue, please contact me and hopefully we can work out any concerns.

The shot is a little dark, but they look great. The orange is so bright its hard to photograph its vibrancy !

I'm really in love with this toy and think once you all get him you will as well. There is already the 6 eye head in production as well as the Dokuro head made. Not to mention .... well lets keep some surprises shall we ....

I'm also proud to say that the first painted release will be through Medicom toy of Japan early in March.

I cant show images of yet, but if you recall this image, you should have a good feeling of what is to come :

Once I get the okay I will post up some studio shots.

I will bring both the painted Medicom releases with me to the FOE gallery show next week, so maybe if you come by I can show you a sneak peak :)

Speaking of FOE, I'm eagerly awaiting this show next week. Hopefully many of you all will make it out, and if not here are my submissions for next weeks show :

This 1 off Dokuro DX Sludge Demon will not only be the first ever sold, but its the only 1 off on this minty green vinyl. I REALLY wanted to keep this guy for my personal collection to be totally honest. I just love how well the colors work with the vinyl.

The Jumbo Gararmon is a Glow base vinyl. I replaced the original eyes for a set of high quality glass eyes. I think the end result came out fantastic and super vibrant colors over the glow vinyl are stunning in hand.

All in all things are starting to move fairly fast. I'm also expecting the clear Ollie's to start arriving this or the following week as well. Packaging is also finished and being printed now. All looks great !

More details to come and for all those on the mailing list I will keep you updated with the first American release of the DX Sludgie. I'm working to get the first release made ASAP, I think you will also enjoy as it will be on GID vinyl, and an homage to a certain laughing madman. Can you guess who ???

But please if your not, follow me on twitter as I keep that up to the minute updated. You may also get to hear my rants as well ;)

Twitter = LAstdyingwiSH

I will update again when boxes start to go out. Keep watch !


carrito said...

man this stuff looks SIIICK!

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