Tuesday, November 15, 2011

November Update

The battleship MVH returns for November !

There is just SOOooooosOOOOOOSoooooooooo much to talk about I decided to break this update into to two separate postings. This posting will be about the new goodies and dates for the new releases planned as well as an update on the Death Sludge and Doji Pre Orders. The next will be a wrap up of NYCC, and the like.

Okay, we good, great, lets get started :)

lets start this part by clearing this up .... by that I mean crystal clear Japanese vinyl !

As of late I have begun to set up collaborations with other artist I respect and have been wanting to work with ( Skinner, BLObPUS, Grody etc..) . This release MVH finds itself working with artist SpasmOne !

I have been wanting to do a paper guts cut out for Ollie for the longest time now. When I came across the work Spasm did for a contest a few years ago I knew that was it. So after a few talks he came up with the idea to print the guts he hand illustrated on clear acetate. Can you say genius !

Check this out !!!

I'm super happy with the turn out. When the light comes through the vinyl and hits the guts it comes alive. Now, its time to unleash this beast to the world !

This Saturday I will be starting the pre-orders for this crystal clear behemoth.

The Details :

Pre-Orders will begin Friday 11/18/2011 at 5:00 PM and will end Sunday 11/20/2011 at 11:59 PM. This will give everyone more than 48 hours to get their order in.

The curve ball ..... wait for it .....

In addition to this, there will be a chase version. The chase will have different color guts and will come with a half painted fade in MVH color scheme of purple, green black and red !!!

These guys will not be blind bagged, but inserted at random. So there is no guarantee what you will get, but you will get utter gut madness !

The price ... like usual its the good ol $150.00 plus shipping.

For this release its gonna be nice and simple. All you will need to do if head over to our BigCartel in the shopping area >> HERE << and place your order.

Once the pre-order is finished I will be sending the order to Japan Monday morning and will keep an update of when these will go out. Like most pre-orders, these will take longer as the order will be placed and have to be filled. This can take a month or two. This is the only downfall of having your factory overseas, but its Japanese vinyl so you know its worth it !

Next up, the GID BLObPUS Enma !!

Kaji San is at it again and for this Enma its gonna be on Glow vinyl !!!

Check it out :

Seriously, how is he able to lay on so much paint and keep it from looking like a crazy mess is beyond me. The colors just look so crazy and alive, its demon camo !

As of yet the price and release date is still to be decided. I believe he is looking for a mid December release. To keep updated please check his site daily :


Once I find out all info I will be sure to send out another email as soon as possible !

I think this guy is gonna make a great companion to the OG BLObPUS Ollie with the blue sprays on GID vinyl. Kaji can seriously do no wrong with Ollie !

Thats it for the big guy this month. But rest assured more plans are in the works for the new year. New arms and heads await, yup I said it !

Speaking of new goodies, how about an update on the new MVH figures.

Both Doji San and the Death Sludgie have made it through the test pull process and unfortunately there where some bugs. The bugs are being solved and should be all set very soon. I apologize for the long delay in this. Its one of those situations that just happens sometimes. I strive to make the best product that I can. So I rather wait just a tad than give you all lest than my best. Your entrusted your hard earned money into my toys and I don't want to let you down !

I really wanted to have these to everyone before December but that is definitely not going to happen. Im so sorry, but rest assured that the boxes are prepped and once they get to me they will all go out the same week !

Now, I did mention test pulls didnt I, would you like to see the pics, sure you would.

This is the first time I laid paint to this guy so its only going to get better once I work the kinks out. Even with that being said, I'm LOVING painting this toy and think the test looks pretty good.

Take a look :

Im thinking to kick this guy off I will be painting up a run of 1 offs on glow vinyl as well as a run. I have been in love with more neo sofubi colors and have some fitting colors ready to roll out on this guy.

I'm so excited to paint this guy and hope you are all as excited as I am.

This weekend I plan on painting up one of the Doji figures so stay tuned for that !

Thats it for releases today. But there are other plans in the works right now.

In the coming months I have a planned release with both Grody Shogun and Splurt !

Keep your eyes peeled and stay tuned, if you thoughts 2011 was great, 2012 is turing the heat up a notch with all sorts of new colabs as well as more MVH goodies.


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