Thursday, February 3, 2011

MVH x BEAK is coming this Saturday !

Its finally here !

MVH teams up with monster toy maker BEAK the creator of Kusogon for this special Sludge Demon release !

This VERY limited edition run of Sludge Demons is painted by both John and myself. The moss green vinyl was layered and distressed by John then sent to me. I then added some light sprays to to the face and back as well added the black beards.

Check them out !

In addition to the 4 painted versions there will be 3 unpainted Sludge Demons with a super bright long purple beards !!

Both painted and unpainted will be packed in clear jars filled with dry moss. There will also be an accompanying story written by john stuffed inside the jars as well as a top label on the lid with the MVH logo.

Now as if this wasn't good enough John outdid himself and came up with this 1 and only hand painted Siamese Sludge Demon !

This custom is SICK and amazingly its extremely sure footed, you can pose the arms as you like this guy wont fall over !

By the way I'm hoping to get those arms cast in vinyl for possible future releases, this is just to amazing !

Now .... the release info !!

The MVH x BEAK colab Sludge Demon will go live in the MVH big cartel shop @ 5:oo PM 2/5/2011 EASTERN TIME .

Here is a direct link for your pleasure :

-Painted Sludge Demons will be $75.00 each
-Unpainted Sludge Demons will be $65.00 each

!!! Shipping is included for ALL US orders !!!

-International will be an additional $10.00 with 1st class as your ONLY option, sorry no EMS for this release.

The 1 off Siamese will be $150.00 and made available through lottery only !

Lottery Details :

Lottery Begins : Saturday 12:01 AM 2/5/2011 EASTERN TIME
Lottery Ends : Saturday 11:59 PM 2/5/2011 EASTERN TIME

Winner will be chosen and notified on Sunday 2/6/2011

Please Send your entry to :

In the title please write : " Siamese Please"

In the body please include :

If your a skullbrain member you SB name-

I'm super happy to be able to bring you this release. It was a pleasure to work with John and I hope is the start of many more to come.

Good luck and I hope you enjoy !!


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