Sunday, January 16, 2011

!! MVH returns for 2011 !!

Hey MVHardcore fans !!!

The new year is now here and the fun for 2011 is already if full effect.

Lets kick it off this update with some SUPER HuGe BLObPUS news !!

Some of you know and some may not, but Kaji San of BLObPUS has decided to use the Ollie figure as his 6th anniversary release. This is a huge honor and I'm still in shock that over it. Its amazing to work with a legend once, but an encore as an anniversary release is the icing on the cake. AND in addition to all of this its also on glow green vinyl. Seriously does it get any better .... well yes it does. If you where a die hard and grabbed the OG BLObPUS Sludge Demon, you will see that kaji San made sure the 2 would match. The Fur pelt of Ollie matches the Sludgie. So this will make the first official ... unofficial set ... DOOOOODe !

So if you interested here is the info :


Translated from the BLObPUS Blog >>> HERE <<< class="blsp-spelling-error" id="SPELLING_ERROR_0">BLObPUS anniversary too! !
Beginning of the activity of foreign exchange with the artists
It was not at all imagine
I could have and I will join and participate in group exhibitions
I will has a good reading this.
One of such international artists
OLLIE BLObPUS version appeared in luminous color! !
Tamotsu Takashi 33.5cm, is the overwhelming presence.

Complete product orders.
Thank orders from customers
Then ordered the factory to do the coloring BLObPUS.
Shipping is scheduled for around February 28.
This item is to get time a little more.

OLLIE [BLObPUS6 anniversary memory Ver]
Price 12.600 yen (tax included)
Size approximately 33.5cm
January 20 ordered the 1st endless 〆
May 21, the 1st payment endless 〆
From February 28 ship date
Shipping (Japan) is a [yuupakku] (COD) using ships.

Your application here

This is not the lottey sales.
I receive your order.
Afterwards, I produce toys.
Sending out is February 28

OLLIE [BLObPUS6 anniversary memory Ver]
BLObPUS Painting version [GID]
Price 12,600 yen + EMS
Size / about 33.5cm

Order day of deadline January 20.
Payment day of deadline January 21.
Shipment day February 28.

Oceania, North America, Central America and the Middle East 1 piece. 2,220 yen
Europe 1 piece. 2,600 yen
Asia 1 piece. 1,660 yen
South America and Africa 1 piece. 3,460 yen

Please give mail to me by January. 20
I claim it to you by using PayPal.

Plese you must fill in
Telephone number,
PayPal address.
The telephone number is necessary for EMS.

Please receive money to PayPal by January 21.
I order to the toy factory on January22
Schedules are all Japan standard time.

Please give the order mail to me ahead of time.
It might arrive after the deadline.

This also marks the first time Kaji San is doing international sales on anything he has ever released. I really hope all goes well as this would also be great for future releases from him.

The deadline is coming close on the 2oth so if you interested DONT SLEEP !!

MVH now has a new studio space !

MVH is getting bigger and badder for 2011 so I had to pack up and move to new studio which is located in Erector Square in New Haven.

The building is the old Erector Toys building which is now converted into a coulpe hundred artsist studios. Its an old amazing building which I'm happy to be located in. As well I think its pretty fitting to bring back a toy company to an old toy company building.

I'm still getting settled in but its coming along pretty nicely :

Hmmm I wondering whats on those tables underneath the sheets ? Hmmmmm ... I guess you will see next month huh ;)

New MVH Sculpts for 2011 !

Its only 16 days into the new year and I'm already planning on toys for this year. Yeah I get ahead of my self but I'm a toy nerd so I dont care !

Doji San which was my only resin figure will see the light of day in vinyl come hell or high water. I just love this little guy and it had to be done. I did change the head a tad but thats it and you will also see some new masks. Lets face it the masks are the super fun part about this guy and his personality so there is no way I could leave these out.

The other new toy will be the evolution of the Sludge Demon. Sludge Demon 2.0 code name Oni Zerker is in the works and will be my first fully poseable figure with moving arms legs and head. This will probably see light close to the end of the year as I want to spend some time with the sculpt and just really get it to where I want it rather than rush to get it made.

Check out the teaser I created :

MVH 2011

I hope you like them, its gonna be fun to see the MVH Yokai family evolve.

That is gonna be it for today and probably this month. Thanks to the new studio I'm super excited to be painting and will bring some new goodies next month.

Tune in next month, the new studio has me hungry for paint and the goodies are flowing !

Any questions or if your in New Haven and want to see the studio hit me up !


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