Friday, August 14, 2009


I just love how these resin pieces came out. After a little clean up of the flashing, and some fine polishing these guys really came to life.

Thanks again to the guys at Monstre Hero for the clean castings they where able to produce. Top notch work guys !

I still have to add another gloss coat to the red and green, but I think its safe to say they still look pretty good.

First check out the blue :

I still have a lot to learn as far as getting rid of seems and proper gloss goats go, but I think the finished product right now looks awesome. The clear blue was just to pretty to add paint on. I just love this, it looks like a big jewel.

Next are the purple and pink resins. I decided to add paint to both, but next time I will probably just leave them unpainted and gloss these also. The pink, even though I painted it, was my favorite. I must have carried this guy around with me everywhere I went.

So check out the paint apps.

The green painted was originally the purple resin. I added a glitter coat as well as gold, green, silver and purple metallics as well as brush painted detail. This was the first one I painted and got a little crazy with the paint haha. I love it though. I'm getting closer to that wild 70's chopper look that I like.

Last but not least is the bright pink resin. A went with a little less paint on this guy. Metallic red with silver, gold and a touch of blue highlights, and again some brush detail.

Again I have to say thanks to the Sean and Cliff for getting these done for me in my time line. I cant wait to paint more of these !

!! TK II here we come !!

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