Friday, August 14, 2009

Bop Dragon 1 off sale info

Before I launch into the sale info I would like to show you the last off the 1 off Bop Dragons.

I wanted the colors to be reminiscent of a vintage toy. So I decided to go with a deep burgundy red base with emerald green and metallic purple spray and some silver detail. More subtle colors along with metallic, I think it came out great.

Check him out :

And a blast from the past is back !

The very first Bop I painted and was my original choice for the run I painted. Metallic red rub with blue ,gold and silver detail.

I was planning on doing a total of 8 customs, but I ran short on time for my last. Who knows he my resurface at some point in the future.

So tomorrow there will be total of 7 customs for sale. Total shipped in the USA will be $110.00 out side the US $115.00 and will be shipped first class. If you would like a higher grade shipping contact me and I will give you a estimate on the shipping cost.

You can find them all in the MVH store link below right now for viewing :

Click >>>> HERE <<<<< to go the the webstore.

Sale will go live at 8/15/2009 @ 6:00 PM eastern time.

I hope this time is okay for everyone, I had a few overseas emails and want to try and make it available for all.


Anonymous said...

Just curious, by buying through your webstore, if we have it in cart and pay for it, will it guarantee us we scored the custom? I'm just hoping there won't be any situations where multiple payments for the same custom go through, and you'll have to refund some folks.

Last Dying Wish a.k.a LASH or Rich Montanari Jr. said...

I have an inventory with a do not oversell set, so I hope the oversell situation doesn't happen. This is my first time using big cartel so I don't know just how good the service is. If for some reason there is an over sell I will be refunding ASAP.

Maddie said...

In under three minutes LASH! Congratulations!

Last Dying Wish a.k.a LASH or Rich Montanari Jr. said...

Sorry for the late reply, Thanks ! ^_^