Monday, July 6, 2009

Skull Pirate

Recently I have been catching up on all the old commissions I have. I'm trying to finish all before the months end so if you have something planned with me you may just have it very soon ^_^

Here is a Skull Pirate that is part of a set that will include a skullwing.

I love the way this came out, with all the metallics an silver highlights.

Check it out ^_^ :

Customs that will be posted very soon include :

RxH Akrokaiser
RxH Mutant Evil
RxH Mutant Head
RxH Bigaroid
Blobpus Dokugan
Garada K7 ( yes the almost 2 foot high toy)
Ojo rojo
Skullwing x 2

1 comment:

zincsaucier442 said...

Hot damn! I love the the metallics an silver highlights! Can't wait to see what you do with the Garada K7 and Ojo!