Wednesday, July 15, 2009


I know as of late its been kinda quiet over here at MVH headquarters, but as you will soon see its been all business behind the scenes.

Where to start .... hmmm ....

Lets start off with some progress images from the MVH sculpt ^_^

Just got some images of the texture that we added. I LOVE it, kind of like boils ! ewwwwwww

Check it out :

Hmmm funny I just noticed that I never posted shots of the front with full texture, well here ya go.

Now, some of you may notice that there looks like there is some space underneath the feet. I can assure you that the figure is very stable and the gap will be filled in during the next step. Also you may notice the slight forward lean. When the arms are done you will see why, the arms will be down to the floor like a knuckle dragger, and if he was real the weight would make he make have a slight forward lean. The arms will also help stabilize him.

Damn that texture rules !


This bring me to some tests pulls of vinyl infused with the metal flake I sent the factory.

You gotta see this , check it out !

The vinyl is actually crystal clear, but there is so much flake that it gives it a bright yellow tint. In hand its nothing that you have ever seen in vinyl, I can promise you this ! The second shot is a bit out of focus to show off the array of colors in the flake.

The test pull was done with a LARVAGON, which is a killer bonus for my collection, its one hell of a proto !

Dont forget to click on the images for a larger view.


MVH is going RESIN ^_^


Yup, that right I'm dipping my toes into the resin pool.

I loved the original head I sculpted for my toy, problem was is that its to small for the toy and would pretty much end up going to waste.

So in some thought I decided to have it cast in resin for some experimenting with a new metal paint I found. I don't want to get to far into details with my new paint, but it will allow me to actually use real acid patinas, not the faux stuff you see.

So thanks to the amazing guys over at Monstrehero this project will come to life very soon and if all goes well will make its first appearance at the Toy Karma II show in September.

Check him out ^_^

My favorite shot is just below ^_^

I just cant get enough of the sculpting stuff, I just sit here all damn day thinking what else can I sculpt, I seriously have an issue.


And last but not least, I was able to paint up some customs. I'm far from finished but figured what the hell, lets post some of the goodies I've completed as of late. I hope you enjoy !

I will leave you now to drink all this down, more to come soon !

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