Monday, June 22, 2009

Starting to see face

Today I was able to begin working on one of the 2 heads for the MVH body sculpt. There is a LONG way to go but take a look at a very rough sculpt of head #1

A lot needs to be cleaned up and adjusted as well as hair, ears and horns will be added. I'm hoping to have him finished by the weekend.

Check it :

This head is being created after this illustration I made awhile ago.

Change will be that you wont see the lower teeth and the horns will be smaller.

Hope you guys are as stoked as I am ^_^ , I'm already planning paints for this guy !


zincsaucier442 said...

Looks like he's gonna be a mean SOB! Curious to know if there is going to be any articulation. It's looking great so far! thanks for the continued updates!

Last Dying Wish a.k.a LASH or Rich Montanari Jr. said...

lol, and he is the one that will have the more happy attitude. When everything is ready I will reveal names and stories about the 2 characters.

The articulation will be at the waist,arms and head. Possibly at the wrists, but that is a maybe. It all depends on production cost.

As is he is starting to be more art piece less toy. The runs will be very small as he will be huge. As is its about 5YL companion size.