Tuesday, June 23, 2009

In living color

Pic of the day !

I was working on Ollie this morning, started to work on the teeth which I think will end up being a bit wider for paint reasons. Stared to smooth out some of the skin and round out the head as well as sunk in the eye a bit. Still a lot more to go but its slowly taking shape.

I was planning of baking the head in the next day or so but decided to hold off until I get the proper eyes.

The eyes for this guy will all be custom made from a little company I found. They make some of the craziest eyes I have seen as well as accommodate customs designs but are made in odd sizes. The eyes will be the same style as pictured above though, soft glass. This style of eye just brings the toy to life. Give him a really creepy feeling. When these are finished and you have one in hand you will see. My dog cant look at him, it freaks him out.

**BONUS **

In the end this guys name will be Ollie or Olliver, I based the name off a very old child's movie my father used to put on during the holidays that I LOVED (still do). My guy is based off the character from this movie, can you name said film ??

More details of character back story in the future.

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zincsaucier442 said...

I can't figure it out. What movie?!