Friday, June 19, 2009

MVH figure update !

Yes its been a while since I've shown some progress on the first MVH sculpt. But today I got word from my sculptor that its back to business and things are moving along very nicely.

Take a look at the progress shots , I LOVE The texture and couldn't be happier !

(*click on the images for a large view *)

We still have ways to go, and there are some issues that are being worked sculpt wise, but I'm stoked to see him again.

What do you guys think ?

And now for a small twist I would like to announce the sculptor of this beast. I'm proud to say that the man behind the tools is no other than Ricky Wilson of VELOCITRON !!

Ricky has a been a pleasure to work with and I couldn't be happier to able to work with such talent.

Where back in business baby !


idle. said...

Looking good dude. I can't wait to see more. Be sure to keep us updated.

Tony Phaphon said...

love it! i bet the head sculpt is going to be killer.

zincsaucier442 said...

Fantastic! It's coming along nicely! Can't wait to see more!