Sunday, June 14, 2009

Bye Bye Bop !

!! Bops are now SOLD OUT ^_^ !!

Thanks for those who showed support for this run. It was a blast and I'm glad you all enjoyed them ^_^

I have some new news concerning the customs Bop Dragons that are planned. I have decided to hold off on releasing the 1 off Bop Dragons until 8/15/09. I was working on these today and would really like to take the time and make them as wild as I can. As well, I would like to release them all in 1 shot, this way you will have the opportunity to see them all before making a decision. Hopefully I can blow your minds !

Stay tuned for some VERY exciting news in the coming weeks !


Anonymous said...

You might want to consider pushing a little further. Perhaps two weeks from 08/01/09. It's too close to SDCC and I am sure people need time to recover their finances. ^____^

Last Dying Wish a.k.a LASH or Rich Montanari Jr. said...

That is not a bad idea, I think I will push the date back like you mentioned to 8/15. Thanks for the advise ^_^