Friday, June 5, 2009

Kaijin Musyubel

Recently I was invited by Kajimura-san of Blobpus to partake in the upcoming Kaijin show at Kaiju Blue. I must say that its a serious honor to be personally invited by Mr. Blobpus himself and I'm still a little in shock.

This was my first time seeing this figure in person. Honestly at first it was one of the figures that I just kinda passed over as to date none of the colorways have grabbed me. Once getting him in hand it was a total mind change. The figures size is just perfect ,the weight and vinyl quality are perfect and add to its personality. It seems a lot of thought and time went into this guy and it shows, if your on the fence about getting one I would say go for it you will be pleasantly surprised. After seeing this guy and being able to work on him I'm a believer !

I really wanted to keep this as simple as I could, yet still be vibrant and have some added paint texture. I held back from doing a lot of brush work between the feathers and I hope it doesn't take away from the overall feeling or my style of painting. In hand some of the colors look different, the pink is a bright hot pink and the green has a spray of silver across it. No matter what I didn't in a controlled setting I just couldn't get them 100%, I really need a better camera.

I'm happy and if it doesn't sell I have no problem keeping him in my collection ^_^ , I hope you guys like !

Check him out :

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