Friday, May 29, 2009

Mindstyle baby !

Recently I was asked by Lev of Toy Tokyo to paint up a stitch for the upcoming Mindstyle stitch project.

While painting western toys usually isn't my thing, I was pleased to be invited and did my best on this huge chunk of vinyl. I know there are many western toy artist whose work is amazing, I just hope mine holds its own with them.

After seeing this guy in hand and thinking it through Kappa was the first thing that came to mind. Its just fits the sculpt so well in my eyes.

Hope you guys enjoy, check him out :

I thought it was fitting to take some outdoor shots as it just finished raining and all was still wet. Kappa is happy !

Thanks again for the opportunity Lev, I hope you enjoy it pal ^_^

1 comment:

OsirisOrion said...

That came out awesome Rich. congrats on getting on the stitch show ^_^