Sunday, March 15, 2009

Mutant Vinyl Hardcore figures coming soon !

Its my please to announce that in the near future I will have a figure made !!

I have been working on getting this project off the ground and made for some time now. You may have seen some early images of a sculpt being made a month or so back. Since then I have found a new sculptor and went to a totally different size figure. This IS the vision 100% I had in my mind and I can't be any happier with my new found sculptor. My last sculptor is a very talented person and very nice guy, but sadly things just didn't mesh.

I have always wanted a figure of my own, which was created by me and fully funded by me.I want to have full rights to release and paint as I feel fit. The time is coming and I'm in awe.

The time is getting very close and I hope that within the next 4-5 months have my sculpt go from clay to vinyl to paint.

When the time gets closer I will release a full story on the figure as well as full details on my vision.

For now check out some images of the lower sculpt in progress :

I don't want to give away to much but the figure will be large, 10- 12 inches. There will be 2 different head sculpts, as well as some possible accessories.

Stay tuned !

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