Sunday, March 15, 2009

Its been a little

I have been wanting to do an update but have been SO busy with working out a few deals and getting some work done that its been very hard.

Recently I was was getting ready for the Mishka store grand opening. I love Mishkas style and color choices. Its nice to know that Gregg is a hardcore toy collector and general cool guy, so giving him some fan art was fun. I wanted to give him an illustration and a custom toy as a set, but the toy didn't really work out. So I spent more time focusing on the illustration this round and maybe for the next store event I present him a custom. I would love to work with him on a project someday and really want him to see what I can do.

Check out the illustration I made for him :

I recently was able to get a stamp made so I can pres it on future illustrations. I love it :)

The illustration is 11 x 14 on board. Ink , V-color, cel vinyl and water color are the mediums.

I really love illustrating again and will be doing more soon.

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