Sunday, November 16, 2008

Me vs. Marvel

I have found that doing homage customs if probably my favorite. Its usually something that even if you have no connection with the toy, you may have a connection with the character its based off.

For my show at Super7 this past October I did a set dedicated to Captain America.

The figures I picked begged to be painted, Ryusei was meant to be Red Skull !

Check em out !

RxH Mutant head as Captain America :

When I began research to find an image to base this off of I found tons of Capt. America images. In the end I went with the classics.

This is the image I ended up going with:

It was exactly what I was looking for and very simple to translate. In the end I was very happy with the results.

Now onto the red skull.

Take look :

Again after I found the Captain America image I went with the classic red skull. And in my research this is what I went with :

I decided to change up a few things on this one though. Mainly the arm band and boots. They where left off basically because they weren't needed to translate the character. It would have only been extra work and possibly made it look awkward esp. the boots as on the toy they would have looked like shoes. And to convey the light green I picked a few areas on the Ryusei to apply them to to bring out the sculpt some more.

I did find a few darker looking red skull images and I may revisit him again with another ryusei. Time will tell.

Hope you enjoy I did ^_^

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