Saturday, May 12, 2012

MVH x Splurrt Cadaver Kid Release Info

   This Sunday while your sitting at brunch with your good ol mum board to
   tears, Splurrt will be releasing the MVH version of his Iconic Cadver
   Kid !

   When your ready to fake a stomach ache to run off and start your
   refreshing madness this is the info you need.

   The MVH " Yummy in my tummy Orange Frankencakke " Cadaver Kid

   Where to Score :

   Release Time and Price :

   - 12:00 PM Eastern time ( New York)
   - $75.00 each plus shipping

   This is first come first served style release, so lube up your fingers,
   down a cup of coffee and be ready !!

   Remember these are blind boxed so there is a chance at 1 of the 3 one

   Good luck

The Official Unofficial MVH Bros. Print by Grizlli Atom

   Long time MVH friend and collector Grizlli Atom recently approached me
   with this amazing illustration he made of the MVH DX Characters. Ive
   been a huge fan of Kevin's illustrations and Tattoo work and was
   honored when he chose my characters for his newset project.

   In his words :

   Ok so I'm thinking 15''w x 6''t, Heavy stock print. I'm thinking of
   'hand aging' them to give them that shitty old comic print feel. But
   with a nice clear coat to keep them looking good. So all that said I'm
   thinking $25 plus $5 for shipping and fees. Sound good? I'm gonna keep
   the run small, 20 at MOST. if I don't get that many orders I'll limit
   the run to the number of orders.

   So there you have it. I love it and gave Kevin to okay to get these

   If your interested in snagging one of these here is the email at which
   you can reach Griz for the " MVH Bros." Print

   I'm not sure if there is a cap on the date but if your interested don't
   sleep as I'm sure these will go fast !!!

   And who knows, you may just see these realized in vinyl form at some
   point to match this print, its just that good.

   Thanks Kevin and keep up the amazing work.


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