Saturday, June 25, 2011

MVH Summer Update

Hello MVH fans !!

It has been a looooooong time since I updated the MVH blog with info. I think its a good time to get back to posting monthly updates so you all have a clue as to whats going on with MVH in the news and for upcoming releases.

If you where thinking its been quiet, behind the scenes it has been a blitz of hard work !!!

Where to start where to start .....

Okay... how about up to the moment updates on MVH items, for those that want the news faster then the monthly update.

I'm great friends with these blogs and usually keep them up to date with info as soon as its released. They not only stay up on MVH news, but are by far the best for honest, up to date info in the sofubi world.

If you want the goods, these are all you need, period !

Also you can follow me on twitter, I try to trow out tid bits and sneak peaks on everyday workings

My twitter handle is :


Next how about in the media ?

For one I'm honored that I was nominated as " Best Self Produced" toy of the year in the Clutter Designer toy awards. Please go check it out, and if you can please vote for your favorite in each category ( even if its not MVH ;) )

Here is the link :

Speaking about Clutter Magazine, I have an article in the current issue # 15. Its really great to see my buddy Jeff on the cover as well as being in an issue with other great friends in the Kaiju world !

To purchase here ya go :

What about trading cards !

I have an artist card in the newest series of Art Hustle trading cards which is now out. I was stoked to be invited to be in this series amongst some of the best artist alive !

Here is the link

Keep watch at 52 sec ;)

Please check them out and support such a great company who is finally giving artist that superstar feel.

Look mom I have my own artist card !!!

I will be getting a box in and randomly trowing packs in with future orders. Who knows maybe you get 1 of my special metal cards !

Releases and shows :

There is a lot of goodies planned for this year as well as artist colabs.

I can post images of releases but will have to keep some stuff secret ;)

So here is a list of upcoming shows and shop releases at which you can find MVH goodies.

Shows :
Sofubi Godfathers 5 man group show @ TAG = July ( Ollie, Sludge Demons, and a few resin Doji Sans)

SDCC = July 21st - 24th ( Ollie )
Wonderfestival Summer 2011 = July 24th ( Sludge Demon and BLObPUS Deadstockers, they will match the Mandarake Ollie)

Shop releases :
Mandarake Japan = August ( Ollie)
Medicom Toy= September/ October ( Ollie) ( I will have a insanely small amount of matching Sludge Demons for the Medicom Ollies which will be sold through me)

As of right now NYCC is up in the air. I'm hoping to have the new sculpts done by then and if so I will be back packing them there and will set up a special sale. We will not be doing a table show this year as prices where to steep.

These dates are always subject to change, but all look pretty solid. As well new shows can possibly be added.

New MVH toys !

New MVH sculpts :
Blobpus Enma head sculpt for the Ollie body = July
Doji San vinyl version = October
Sludge Demon 2.0 the resurrected aka Oni Zerker, aka Yomigaemon = October

These 2 new sculpts I am extremely happy with and I'm eagerly looking forward to. Both the new toys will have special hand made doll eyes that are by far the best that I have ever seen. Your going to be blown away. Not to mention the new Sludgie 2.0 is fully articulated with a moving head ,arms a legs. He will be able to sit which looks very creepy. The size on both are in the mid and small side scale and will fit into collections better for those not into large figures. And for those with my large figures they will form a great fit from size to size !

As for BLObPUS, well what can I say, a 3 eyed god of the dead, does it really get any better ?

Kaji did an amazing job and I can just imagine what his paint apps will look like. You already know they will be some of the most intricate and sinisterly beautiful in the sofubi world.

Kaji will be handling pretty much all sales on this. I may do a run here and there but this is my colab with him and really want him to shine on these.

Now I think this brings us up to date. I will be adding pics for each release as they come and go into further detail for each release when its ready.

Thanks for your support and this year is going to be amazing for MVH fans and collectors !


Butch Adams said...

I am hoping to get an Ollie at SDCC, any idea where you are going to be setup?

hellopike said...

Sorry to hear that there won't be a MVH table at NYCC.. Still hope to see you out there though!

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