Monday, April 12, 2010

Satan King Homage Sludge Demon info

The MVH Sludge Demon returns on clear vinyl infused with yellow metal flake !!!!

Painted in metallic red and black with silver detail and highlights, red eyes. A homage to Satan King !!

Check it out :

For this release you will have the option of bead or no beard !!

This release will be a lottery entry offer ONLY, and limited to 1 per person. The price per figure for this release will be $65.00 plus $5.00 shipping in the US, $14.00 outside the US via first class with NO insurance class, $30.00 if you prefer EMS which includes insurance and tracking.

Lottery entry opens on >>>> 4/13/10 @ 12:00 AM (00:00)EASTERN US time and ends sharp on Tuesday 4/13/10 @ 11:59 PM (23:59) EASTERN US time <<<<. This way there is the potential for having it in hand by the weekend !!

Please only submit your entry ONCE to :

Submitting more than once will not guarantee you a better shot as all additional emails will be thrown out.

Once the deadline is up I will be contacting the winning bidders within 1 week , if you do not receive an email that sadly means you did not win.

More images up on my flickr :

Good luck to all !

P.S. ............

Do you know where to find the white rabbit ?


Chris said...

Rich, That was a lot of fun! Reminded me very much of those ol Shocker Release days, i was waiting for everything to crash at any second!!! Congrats on the beautiful new releases!

Richard said...

Thanks Chris, I'm trying to figure out a system so that everyone has a chance at a release.I think releasing a lottery and shop sale as the same time was a pretty good experiment, I got some good feedback from it. This way you have the option to at least get one for sure.

Glad you enjoyed, that makes it worth it to me. More fun next time !

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