Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Ollie UPDATE !

Hello all !!

I really want to say thank you to all who have shown interest in the project so far. Its all you who will make this dream come true for me and I'm overwhelmed with joy !!

Now I was thinking about things and was thinking what would be the ultimate donation package. Well how about all the goodies already mention PLUS a GUARANTEED 1 off Ollie AND matching Sludge Demon set !

The option is now up on the page so if your interested its ready for you and will be all month long until the project ends.

Here is a link to the project page again :

I know some have already pledged and would possibly like this, so if you just pledge again with the difference on any of the lesser options I will be able to catch it and be able to mark you down. I will personally make sure you get this. I really want to make sure everyone who is interested gets one for sure.

I really want to make this happen and I really think if we get the word out it will happen.

I'm also gonna work on a little video snip so check back soon to see the clip.

Again PLEASE help me get the word out, so if you know any blogger site of any friends and family please pass along the word.

More to come soon !

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