Wednesday, April 28, 2010

End of April MVH Update !!!!

Hello everyone !

First off I just want to say thank you to everyone who has shown love and support thus far for MVH. I'm so stoked to have you all as fans and I'm so happy to be making toys that you all enjoy so much. This is my dream come true and again I need to say thank you all so so much. I can say this all day but I mean this from the top to bottom of my heart.

Now, in the next coming months its about to get really crazy. I have some amazing surprises coming up and I cant wait to show you all. I have a few amazing artist colabs planned, 2 new vinyl toy concept sculpts that will be revealed and some special coverage in an American magazine we all know very well !!!

With all this I hope to be able to get everyone who has yet to score anything something special very soon. I know its hard to keep checking in when you have lost out on the last 2 lotteries but remember this is just the beginning and I will do my best to make sure you get taken care of. I really hope to have you all as fans for life and will do my very best to make you all happy.

Okay , now, lets start off with the Sludge Demon, next month you will see the next 2 releases of the evil Sludgie. I hope you guys are ready because they will be by both VELOCITRON and the mighty BLOBPUS !!

I want to wait posting images of the toys yet as I want to take studio shots ( Although you can see the VELOCITRON version somewhere right now ) but I will not leave you empty handed. Check out the header art for each version !!!!



Now I only have a few of each release as they where Japan special event sales, so they will be listed in the shop, there will be not lottery for these, just first come first served. I will drop another little hint though when it comes closer to when they drop.

** I really was planning on releasing the Doji San resin figure next month but he just isn't ready yet. I really want to make sure everything is done 100% and these will take one more month, I'm very sorry for those who where looking forward to this release. But in the next update you will get info and painted images of the fella**

NEXT !!!

The vile beast that is OLLIE is soon to be alive in vinyl and I couldn't be any happier. I just want to give all those that where interested in the 1 off deal on the kickstarter project a heads up that there is only 11 days left until the end !!!!

Again here is the link :

These 1 offs will be the only 1 offs until NYCC this year and its these 2 times this year that you will see 1 offs of this guy. Like the Sludge Demon I really want to make 1 offs for special events only. So if you thinking about getting in on this deal now is the chance !

I really do appreciate all donations though and no matter what you pledge I will never forget you and will make sure I take care of all you with special gifts that that are not even listed. Every penny counted and helped ensure this project got off the ground.

I've actually heard from the factory in Japan and they are anxious to get rolling with the project. This guy is going to be amazing I just feel it in my soul , I really cant wait to paint these guys ^_^

And now lastly, commissions. In my last email I opened the commission list for a short period of time. I'm still working on getting back to everyone so please hold tight and I will make sure we get all info squared out before the end of this week. I have to apologize for the delays and its no excuse but its just been crazy as of late and I'm just about all caught up with all my events.

So stay tuned and hang in there the next few months is going to be MVHs coming out party to the vinyl toy world and I think its gonna be awesome !

P.S Don't forget that on June 12th I will be at Super7 Florida for my second solo show. I will post more next month in the update but just want you to all know its drawing close and I cant wait to meet up with my Florida buddies :)

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