Monday, December 21, 2009

December Update

Well its been a pretty crazy year, so much work behind the scenes. I so wish you guys could see just what I have been working on but I'm doing my best to keep some secrets for you. I know at first glance it looks like nothing is happening but I can assure you a lot is in the works !

First I wanted to say a huge thank you to all who bought from the last online sale. I'm in the final stretch of getting the Sludge Demon cast in vinyl and was running out of funds. So again thank you for helping fund the project, its your support that helps create new projects for me !

Hmmmm speaking of the Sludge Demon, yes he is coming along very nicely. I want to show you guys some new images but I have to hold off, you will be happy I promise you. I will however give you guys a tease.

You may know a few months ago I had some test vinyl made with a heavy metal flake I found ( this was before others did it , ahemmmm) to test if it was safe to use. Now that I know that I can use it I have chosen my first 4 choices to be infused with clear vinyl.

Check the flake samples out !

Flake color # 1

Flake # 2

Flake # 3

Flake # 4

I have also decided to double up on the amount of flake that will be used so they will be even much more wilder than the original test pulls.

I have also talked with the manufacture of the flake and they love it and where it will be going, so hopefully in the future I will be able to make some wild new blends !

More to come on the Sludgie soon I promise !

Next up Doji San.

Doji is now 100% finished and ready to be sent over to the guys at Monstrehero for casting in resin.

Its funny, when I first started sculpting all I wanted to do was sculpt for vinyl. But after my dealings with the MH guys I now have a love for the resin medium.

I had no clue just now nice resin could be when cast by a master. With a little gloss coating it has a glow that is pretty similar to vinyl. As well with the turn around time you can get some prototypes and toy ideas created almost as fast as you can think them up, its amazing.

So I'm happy to say that MVH is not just going to be 100% vinyl toys, we are also gonna have a resin division going forward !

The very first full bodied character is Doji San. I leaked his story a few months back, so if this is your first time seeing him please take the moment and read up.

Check out Doji San in his fully sculpted glory !

With his Oni mask on !

With his Cyclops mask on !

The eye on the cyclops mask is pretty big, its actually the same size as Ollies eye. Got some nice colors picked out for this mask already.

Now remember, these are images of the actual original sculpt. When this is finished the masks will be attached with hemp cord or possibly glued on. As well I plan on adding all sorts of little stuff like Sake bottles, maybe a staff etc...

I plan on having a lot of fun with this little monster :)

When he is cast I will get you guys more info on what I have planned.

Well, this is it for today. I have a few customs I will be posting images of in the next few days so if your interested stay tuned.

And hopefully I will have some more updates on the Sludge Demon before the years over.

Peace ^_^


krakit said...

The Cyclops mask is rockin!!!

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