Tuesday, November 3, 2009

New MVH sculpt progress shots !

As promised in the last post, I would like you to check out another new MVH sculpt !

Hmm where do I start images or story ... hmmmm

Yeah your right lets do the fun thing, post those images ...... REMEMBER this is 50% finished, arms and legs will be added still.

Check him out.

I'm loving sculpting and its nice to finally be able to get this ideas from my mind to real life. So over the next year you will see a nice family of MVH toys develop.

Okay , yeah, now that those are up, how about some character info right ?

As of right now his name is Doji San , but the name may change, who knows right now.

Doji San is an old demon, very old demon, so old that he is very clumsy and weak. He has lost all but 1 tooth, broke off his horn long ago and no hair what so ever. Dojis mind though is sharp as a steel trap, he actually gets smarter and sharper as he gets older. What he enjoys most is instigating trouble between the other demons. Yup Doji San is pretty much a full time ball breaker as thats about all he is capable of doing, or should I say thats all he cares to do. He knows just the right things to say and do to get the other demons all wild up, he get a kick out it.

More story to come :)

Hopefully this will translate to resin well as I would like this guy to be my first full figured resin toy. Keep them fingers crossed if your enjoying the sculpt !

So stay tuned for the finished sculpt and more details !


idle. said...

Looking good, Rich. The story is great. I am looking forward to seeing more. ^_^

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