Saturday, September 26, 2009

Its going down !

Sorry for the lack of updates everyone. Things seem quiet, but behind the scenes its a madhouse !

I could start out with the last few customs I have done but I think you guys may have already seen them, if not please check out my flickr. Customs include BEMON, MG5, Killer J Sarumon, Blobpus Doku and a sweet Mongo lion, all very fun stuff ^_^

If you live in the CT area and are interested in checking them out in person, come on down to a gallery showing on 10/3-4 in New Haven. I will be in my local cities city wide open studios.

he gallery will be at "The English building" 839 Chapel St New Haven CT. I will be there both days from 10 AM to 8 PM. Should be fun, I will be displaying with 3 other great artist. Some free food and free booze to boot, should be a blast.

What else will be on display and for sale ???

Hmmmm how about some new RESIN HEADS !!!

From left to right >>> Milky clear white, baby blue, crystal clear, semi clear forest green, and hot pink. My boys over at Monstre Hero continue to knock things out the park for me, thank you so much guys ^_^

They still need some cleaning and a possible coating of paint but should be ready.

What else you may ask ......

How about what will be the original sculpt of Mutant Vinyl Hardcore's first official vinyl figure !

Check him out, the Sludge Demon !!!!!

And to show the figures size, I took a shot next to the Super7 Escaregot fight figure. The Sludge Demon isnt a mini, but not yet a full size figure. I love how he came out and hope you do also ^_^

Incase your confused, yes, the Cyclops figure was supposed to be released first but due to some unexpected complications its still in the sculpting phase. No worries as its still a go and we will see more updates of him soon.

The Sludge Demon though will be out to Japan in the next 2 weeks and off the the factory so if all goes well it will be in vinyl in the VERY short future.

Hope you guys are enjoying, more info to come !

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Congrats !