Sunday, August 9, 2009

Weekend flash update

First I just want to say thank you all for the awesome comments about the paint app I did on my submission for the Blobpus paint contest.

For those of you who missed it please check it out :

A homage to Satan King !

I have recently just fell in love with these colors, so expect to see a lot more toys painted this way in the future from me.

!!!! And now for a super secret update !!!!

I was asked recently if there has been any update on the MVH figure, well, yes there has !

Things are in motion and moving along very nicely.

Today I was able to really put in some work on Ollie the cyclops monster. I say one more day to add the hair and he is done.

I was planning on holding back a until it was finished, but I figured ..... what the hell.

So check it outtttttttttttt :

So far so good, and I want you to notice the bust the head sits on. Its an exact replica of the body which is being finished up as I write.

The time is coming very soon, get ready !

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