Monday, August 17, 2009

Ollie Re sculpt

After some great great suggestions and conversations I decided to go and take the advise of the crowd and refine the hair a bit for a better flow with the back of the head and horns.

Let me take this moment to break down why the changes where made.

The two main issues that I was most bothered with before where, 1 the hair line, 2 the horns. The hair line, well , it wasn't defined where it began and how it fell on the head. Some hair was pulling back, and some was wrapping in an unnatural swoop around the horns. No matter how I faded it in it just never sat well with me but I couldn't put my finger on it. Thanks to Ricky for helping me put my feelings into words he mentioned that I should think of how hair would really fall and where is the hair line growing in from. So to make it look more natural I shaved off what was there before and begin to re sculpt a more realistic looking hair line. I also looked at reference images I had of oni in my books and online. None really had hair falling down toward the face. As well most of the hair was either pulled back all wild or balding. I decided to go with a more pulled back feel as it flowed with the back of the head which I loved and in a natural direction. Now it looks more natural and is faded into the forehead much better. There will be no need for a paint mask which is exactly what I wanted.

Second is the horns. Before with the hair as it was it sort looked like they sat on top of the hair instead of looking like they came through as I had wanted.

Now with the new hair line and reference images in hand , I freed the horns from coming out of the hair , but have the hair go around them. Funny as I didnt resculpt the horns what so ever, but they look like I did with the new hair line. The horns look much more natural as you can now see them coming out from the head.

I'm much happier and I hope after you see the progress images you will also.

Check them out :

As well I started work fixing the teeth to round them out more. Knowing that I will have a mask made for them ( the only mask that will be made for this entire figure) I wanted them to look more natural. Also I noticed that there was 1 tooth to many and removed it.

I hope you guys like the changes I made and now understand why they where made.

More to come !


idle. said...

Hey Rich,

Looks much better. The hair around the horns is one thing that has been bugging me as well. The ears could use a little resculpting as well. The shape is nice but in my opinion they're still a little too close to the head. In some of your pictures they don't look much like ears. They could stick out a bit more or you could make the a bit more pronounced in their shape. I don't know if that's a conscious decision due to the later manufacturing process but I've taken the liberty of making a small paint over to show you what I am talking about.

Link to crappy drawing over photos

Cheers and I hope it helps, Daniel. ^_^

Last Dying Wish a.k.a LASH or Rich Montanari Jr. said...

Thanks Daniel and I will consider your idea.I kind of liked the way the ears are for paint purposes.

Your sketches look great though so you never know, I will throw some sculpy on there and take another look.

Thanks for taking the time out to do that.

idle. said...

You're welcome, Rich.

I have to agree that for painting the current design is probably more practical. I didn't point this out particularly but maybe it's completely sufficient to highlight the inward curvature of the outer rim of the ear a bit (like I did in the first row of edited pictures). So they don't have to stick out like human ears do but they'd still have more of an ear-like look.

Cheers and I'm looking forward to more progress pictures,

Last Dying Wish a.k.a LASH or Rich Montanari Jr. said...

I don't know, I think the ears are pretty good as is. Maybe a little more shaved off but I don't know. With toys they don't really have to be perfect, they just have to read. As is you know its an ear, its obviously not the focal point and its not detailed. There are certain points that have more detail on the head and some areas that have almost none. All are intenional and made to make you no focus on them but focus on areas that are more detailed. The hair and the teeth are the areas with more detail as thats is where I want you to look.

I think once you have one of these in hand you will see what I mean.