Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The Bops are back

As I'm gearing up for the final stint in my deal with Rumble Monsters, I will start posting the final eight 1 off Bop Dragons.

As well, I decided to lower the price on the 1 offs to $ 110.00 shipped in the US !!

Today I present 2 for you to check out ...

Up first is the Vampire :

Painted in monster green with a pearl coating. Metallic red, metallic yellow and silver white details.

Shocker # 1

Florescent pink and red with a pearl coating. White and florescent green details

More info to come as we go.

I hope you guys enjoy and look forward to the rest I'm getting ready. There will be at least 1 homage .... ahemmm satan king ahemmm

1 comment:

zincsaucier442 said...

I like Vampire; great contrast on the body and arms. Shocker is great too. What is it about that pink?!? But shit man, Satan King?? Love the name and my curiosity is peaked!