Saturday, May 16, 2009

Last of the Lucha 1 offs for sale tonight !

Well here we are folks, these are the last four of the official 1 offs. I have had a blast painting these guys and I'm very happy you all enjoyed them so much ^_^

Lets meet the fighters shall we :)

1.) El Diablo

Fluorescent red, with dark red. metallic green, black silver detail. leather cape with silver chain.

2.) Nachoooooo Supreme

Nacho Libre tribute

Teal blue with red. Gold and silver highlights. Leather red cape with silver chain.

3.) Spaceman ( That acid trip took him way out )

Metallic green, blue, purple, pink and silver.

4.) Sneaky Pete the ninja

Monster green with metallic brown. Metallic purple and blue with Flo. red eyes. Cloth ninja mask.

All come with special bag and header, as well as paper wax seal tag and metal dog tag.

How to score :

Please send your info to :

Send your :

Name (and if possible Skull Brain message board name )
Address (home) and paypal address :
And which custom your looking to score :

It will be first come first served, no holds no favors.

Price will be $125.00 shipped in the US and $135.00 shipped outside the US, Outside the US the figure will be shipped first class.

Please list you 1 st , 2nd , 3rd and 4th want in case what your looking for is clammed.

Again no emails until 11 PM eastern time. All email before hand will go straight to the garbage.

Good luck !

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